Corporate Wellness

Join The Food Fairy® and learn how to prepare meals or snacks that are a healthy yet tasty alternative to the daily norm. The Food Fairy knows how to prepare and cook anything from tofu to tenderloin and will be here to give you practical tips for introducing healthy and stress free options into your daily snack and meal preparations.

If you wish and the facilities are accommodating, Terri will use a hands-on approach to get everyone engaged in the process of cooking. If your staff would rather watch and taste, Terri’s presentation is fun, informative and delicious! There is always ABUNDANCE when The Food Fairy is around so be prepared for many tastes and snacks to satisfy all inquisitive palates. Some attendees have enjoyed Sweet Potato Dip, Chocolate Coconut Delights, Turkey Burgers, Chevre Stuffed Dates and even Green Smoothies!

Topics will be personalized to your corporate needs. Inspire your staff with mini-workshops on Soluble Fiber, Luscious Cancer Fighting Foods, Lunchtime Ideas, Weigh Loss Meals, Easy Gluten-Free, Cooking Without or One Meal to Satisfy the Whole Family, to name a few!

Contact Terri to schedule your next class.