A COVID-19 Message from The Food Fairy®

“What is my personal chef, my Food Fairy®, doing to protect us from Covid-19?”

All of our personal chefs are taking part in North Carolina’s public health initiative, Count on Me NC, which empowers businesses and their employees, as well as guests/clients, to help keep everyone safe from Covid-19. These modules, developed by public health officials and food safety experts, teach us the practices and procedures necessary to ensure each other’s safety. Participants who complete the modules receive a certificate of completion and are listed on their website. We are committed to implementing these practices.

Wearing a mask, social distancing, hand washing, disinfecting high-touch surfaces and symptom screening are our primary practices in coping with Covid-19. We all wear masks in public and will in your home as well, continue to maintain 6 ft or more distance when in your home and in public places. We continue our practice of sanitizing or washing our hands for 20 seconds every hour or more. Wiping down surfaces such as handles of dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer as well as stove knobs, water faucets, light switches and doorknobs with client’s sanitizing or disinfection solution is done upon completion of our work. We are happy to put everything in the dishwasher if this is our client’s preference.

As an added precaution, we require each chef to complete and submit a standard interview questionnaire of symptoms via email to their client and to the office before leaving their home each day as they head to the grocery store and/or their client’s home. Should any symptoms be present your chef would no longer come to your home and would seek medical treatment and self-quarantine for at least14 days.

“What can I do to protect my personal chef from Covid-19?”

We ask that our clients disinfect high touch areas in the kitchen and common bathroom before our arrival and provide food safe sanitizer or disinfecting solutions as well as clean dish towels and paper towels. We request you help us maintain at least 6 ft. of social distancing, and alert us if anyone in your family is symptomatic or if you have recently been with someone who has covid- 19. If you are unable to maintain the social distancing request or live in smaller less ventilated quarters, please wear a mask when your chef is on the premises.

If a party is planned, we request a guest list that enables 6ft of distance from your chef at all times. We also encourage you to take the Count On Me NC Pledge, as we have.

Regarding grocery shopping several of us prefer not to enter grocery stores at this time and are ordering in advance for pick-up. This means that you may not always have everything on your planned menu, so we ask you for flexibility. Several of us prefer to shop at certain exceptionally careful stores, following FDA guidelines, during slower hours and to shop at only one store vs multiple groceries. This may also mean limited ingredients and a little higher grocery costs in some cases. We ask you to understand these “chef’s choice” practices are what each of us needs to feel safe.

Also, we wish to hear from our client’s as to what they need from us to feel safe. We wish only to secure everyone’s comfort and safety as much as possible and for the highest good of all.

Wishing for you and all our world good health of body, mind, and spirit. Hearts Open!

NOTE: As many of us have learned, everything is always changing and therefore know that our protocols for today are in full force until they are not! We would notify you regarding any changes at The Food Fairy® as we move forward during these potentially enlightening times.