Investment / Pricing

Thanks for checking in with The Food Fairy! Your question regarding pricing is difficult as I really gear my services to my client’s needs, palate wise as well as pocketbook wise. I have enjoyed cooking for clients all over the Triangle since 1996 creating specialized menu plans based not only on the season but my client’s needs, wants and preferences. I have some families that consist of one person and others that have 5 or 6 members. Some clients have very specialized needs (due to illness or allergies) and others are able to eat just about anything. Some folks want casseroles and soups and others like three part meals with everything separate. Also, some kitchens are well laid out and easy to work in and others are cluttered or simply designed by someone who doesn’t cook. As there are so many variables when it comes to cooking for folks, I decided to charge for my time, by the hour, plus the cost of the groceries. This way, not only are the menus and recipes customized but so is the pricing.

All that stated, I charge $80 per hour. That translates in this way: I have averaged the costs for my clients over the past couple of years but these costs take nothing else into consideration, like how many different meals, how many people in the family or anything other than the total charged and paid for our services. My average weekly client pays about $325 per week, bi-weekly pays about $375 and average monthly pays $455, plus the cost of the groceries which are purchased wherever the client asks that I shop. Most of my weekly clients like for us to prepare 3 different dinners to serve 3-8, bi-weekly clients have us prepare 3-5 different dinners and the same for the monthly clients. Again, this is all up to the client.