Vegan chocolate chip cookies

I am not a vegan, but these cookies are delicious! I doubt they are any better for you, the environment or anyone else except maybe the cows and chickens. They are not easier to make. So why did I make them? Well that’s easy, I didn’t have enough eggs or butter, but my pantry just […]


It’s always fun to come up with a menu based on a single ingredient. Sometimes it’s the protein, sometimes it’s a vegetable. This time around the recipe was based on something that wouldn’t even end up in the recipe! Enter the Gewurztraminer (pronounced gə-ˈvu̇rt-ˌstra-mə-nər). We tasted a bottle at our local wine shop and loved […]

Pasta with Swordfish, Tomato, & Eggplant

We live just down the street from a little roadside stand that sells arguably some of the freshest seafood possible. We love to stop in and pick up whatever they happen to have and fashion a dish around that ingredient. This past weekend that dish happened to be Swordfish. I’ve never cooked it before, and […]

Sprout Sandwich with Tofu Ricotta

When my wife came home with “The High-Protein Vegan Cookbook” I rolled my eyes and gave her a look like “You’re kidding right? Why do we need this?” We love meat and dairy and I find a lot of vegan versions of regular dishes to be poor substitutes. But I sucked in my desire to […]

Instant Pot Beef Ragu with Pappardelle

This Christmas, Terri, The Food Fairy, gifted each of her tenured head chefs a brand new Instant Pot. Initially I didn’t really understand what the hype was about, but after some experimenting, I am officially a fan. My plan for this Ragu was to make it “the old fashioned way” slow cooking in the oven. […]

Apple Pie

Just last week one of my regular clients asked me to make her an apple pie. Dessert requests are a rarity at The Food Fairy, so I was excited to oblige! In 1978 when I was living in the Catskill Mountains of New York I was overjoyed at the plethora of wild apples available for […]

Terri’s Clementine Kale Salad

Terri’s Clementine Kale Salad

Please come and celebrate-rsvp…365 Nicks Bend W, Pittsboro, NC 27312. On Saturday, December 30, 3:00-5:00 pm, en-joy some fairy food and allow me to offer you another form of nourishment. I’d like you to meet my friend Mark Nathaniel Mead, MSC, a holistic nutritionist specializing in Nutritional Oncology, helping cancer patients optimize treatment outcomes […]

Quick and Yummy Sweet Potato Dip

Sweet potatoes, being so colorful, nutritious, and delicious, are a great option for any course in a meal. You can have twice baked potatoes with chevre and bacon, or scalloped potatoes with apples and sweet onions, or a sweet potato mousse with praline caramel sauce… Not today, for you need something quick and yummy! I created this recipe when teaching a high fiber health and wellness class. You can use leftover cooked sweet potatoes or cook some up especially for this tasty appetizer. Also, great for kids’ lunches!

Holiday Leftover Egg Bake

It’s the season of family, friends, and amazing food!!! When I think of the holidays, besides the memories and images of my family and friends…I immediately have visions of food. Black olives, deviled eggs, homemade yeast rolls, sausage balls, and mashed potatoes…real mashed potatoes (tiny lumps and all)!! No matter where we are in the […]

Elder-Cranberry, Chipotle & Pepita Salsa 

My dear friends, Ann and Roger Lenhardt of Norms Farms, created some super tasty elderberry products that are as delicious as they are fun to play around with in the kitchen. A few autumns ago I created this “not too spicy” salsa / sauce / relish using their Elderberry Cordial and some Elderberry Jam! This […]