Composed Salads

A simple mixed salad is my least favorite dish to prepare yet one of my favorite sides or main dishes to eat any time of year, whether at home or at a party. If I had a Food Fairy I’d have her make beautiful platters of prepared veggies, properly protected and stored in my fridge for me to assemble for myself on a whim. An assortment of dressings, some sliced chicken, canned chickpeas or hard boiled egg and dinner is done!

If you are setting a celebratory buffet table, a composed salad is a perfect centerpiece. It offers an opportunity for beautiful, colorful and artfully displayed veggie selections to suit food-art aficionados and a myriad of appetites. An added bonus, much to the delight of the guests, while holding their plate and with only one hand to spare, they can easily transfer the sliced, diced or shredded vegetables onto their plate with ease!

These photos of composed salads were presented to me at a small pousada (hotel) called Jardim do Anjos in Brazil. Note the addition of tropical fruit…yum!

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