Here are some of the questions I’m most often asked. If your question isn't here, e-mail me using our contact form.

What is a Food Fairy?

A Food Fairy is a personal chef who cooks in your home to meet the health and palate needs of everyone in your family. We cater to fussy children as well as posh bosses!

Will you deliver meals to my home?

We do not deliver meals to your home. Instead as personal chefs, we prepare meals or party fare in your home or facility.

How often can you come to my home?

As often as you wish, most of our clients use our services on a weekly, twice monthly, monthly, and every six weeks basis.

Does a Food Fairy do everything?

Everything you don’t have the time to do! We will menu plan, shop, cook, package, label and clean up!

Can I afford a personal chef?

Yes! The Food Fairy offers personalized fee schedules. It is our pleasure to meet your dietary and monetary budgets! Average costs are from $16-$33 per serving.

How are my costs determined?

There are so many variables to consider when estimating your costs. Consider these questions: Are you a prospective daily-fare client or party-time? How many different meals would you like? How many quests at your party? How many servings? A week’s worth of dinners, dinners and lunches, or enough for a month? A dinner party or light afternoon fare? Meals packaged in family- or individual-sized portions? Are you on a special diet? Do you need nutritional information on the label? Do you eat tofu or beef tenderloin? Call 919-933-4431 for your free initial phone interview. I will be delighted to answer all your questions and ask a few as well. An estimate will be available at that time or through a subsequent e-mail.

What does a Food Fairy specialize in?

Our specialty is creating menus around your dietary preferences and needs. In short, we specialize in specializing. Food allergies and restrictions of all kinds are welcome.

Do I need to have any special pots, pans or appliances?

We enjoy a high-end kitchen, for sure, yet are happy cooking with simple and fully functioning appliances and basic cookware. You will need to provide containers for packaging meals.

Will I need to purchase special food storage containers?

The Food Fairies do have some helpful recommendations. Click here to learn more.

Do you cater parties?

Yes! We will gladly appear for a business dinner, romantic rendezvous or to help with holiday meals, christenings, showers, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and celebrations of all kinds! We have catered weddings for as many as 350!

Can I give a Food Fairy as a gift?

Yes! We offer gift certificate options for meal preparation in your loved one’s home.

How far can a Food Fairy fly?

We regularly serve clients in Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro, and Raleigh. However, we have been transported for events as far away as Nashville and Atlanta.

How do I get started?

Send us an email or give us a call at (919) 759-5649.  You can look forward to a telephone call from one of our personal chefs. This call is to determine what your needs might be, for us to answer your questions, and to sense if we can be of help to you, whether you need daily-fare or party-time services.

Once it has been established we are simpatico we will schedule an interview in your home and get to know each other. Covid19 Note: We are not currently doing this interview in-person. We will send you a form to fill out and we will follow up with a phone or zoom meeting. For daily-fare clients, this “getting to know you” interview will allow you to tell us your dietary preferences, restrictions, frequency needs, and other details. For party-time clients, the menu and details of how the party will flow and who-will-do-what will be determined. We will do a brief scan of your kitchen and larder to make sure basics are available and in working condition.

The next time we meet will be when we arrive at your home or facility to prepare your daily-fare meals or cater your special event. In the meantime, we are pleased to answer questions over the phone or through e-mails.