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A message from our CEO:

I feel gleeful knowing how our services can change lives if simply by bringing families together at the dinner table. In these challenging and often hectic times our personal chefs offer customized food prep services. We work magic with whole fresh foods prepared lovingly in the comfort of your own home for weekday meals or party/event-fare. Your pleasure is indeed our pleasure!

The Food Fairy®

Our Personal Chef Services

~to your dietary preferences~

We enjoy bringing thoughtfully prepared, delicious, robustly flavored dishes to your table!

Personal chef for daily fare

Savor meals prepared in your home

We create delectable meals for you always considering your unique dietary disciplines – even with multiple restrictions in one family.

You may relax at mealtimes and feel good about what you eat.

That’s what our “Daily Fare” personal chef services do! 

Personal Chef and Catering in Chapel Hill

Personal chef for an event

Relax and be a guest at your own party

The Food Fairy wants you to enjoy your event!

We’ll develop the right menu, shop at your favorite grocery or market, and travel to your home or venue to prepare and serve your customized menu.

Let us take care of everything, right down to cleanup and storing leftovers!

Coming Spring 2023

Meal Pickup with
The Food Fairy® Kitchen

Coming Spring 2023

Meal Pickup with
The Food Fairy® Kitchen

Celebrating over a quarter century of deliciousness!

Listening to your challenges inspires us to “spice up your life” so you may enjoy~

*More Free Time *Easy Mealtimes *Fresh Ingredients *Deliciousness *Healthy Choices *Peace & Ease

We have used Food Fairy 3 times for three different work events we hosted at our home. We have been very pleased each time. I love that they grocery shop the day of, they cook in my house, use my platters and serving utensils, and they leave it all ready for me to serve to my guests. The presentation and organization are outstanding. And, the food has always been fantastic. They have worked with me to have 2 COVID friendly outdoor events, making everything in bite size pieces with individual serving pieces, along with 1 COVID friendly indoor event. Additionally, when there's food left over they share great ideas on ways for me to use it. Additionally, the printed menu and food table tent cards make it extra special.
Mary (Google review)
Thank you so much for making a surprise 50th birthday party everything it could possibly be. To rave about the food preparation would be stating the obvious. It was absolutely delicious, well organized and an overall fun adventure. I must say, equally as important was the care and detail that went into the planning, preparation and execution. It went off without a hitch. In this time of Covid... the attention to that factor was not unnoticed, I was very particular and concerned about having a " stranger" in the home but to that point, greater precaution could not have been taken and we, a small group of 6 felt completely comfortable. Please consider this the highest endorsement of a job well done.
Bryan (left review on our website)
I needed nutritious meals to assist my recovery from a recent illness. Food Fairy responded with a delicious blend of stews and soups that helped restore my health. Their food was tasty and they went out of their way to assure my satisfaction. I highly recommend The Food Fairy.
Joseph (left review on our website)
Soup for needy in Chapel Hill and Durham

Coming Soon:
Free Soup for the Hungry

Coming in 2023: a mobile soup kitchen. The Food Fairy’s® Dragonfly Kitchen will deliver free soup to the hungry.