Fairy wand information

“Now You Can Make Magic In Your Kitchen, Too!”
A Fairy Cooking Wand
Designed Exclusively for The Food Fairy®

It takes the artisan 30 minutes to hand make each of these kitchen tools. He personally selects the maple which comes from timbers farmed ecologically by an Amish family in Monroe, Wisconsin.
If a tree has to come down, a new one is always planted. This family also runs an old time sawmill
where even the wood dust is used on the fields for germinating wheat.

TOP 15 Ways to Enjoy the Magic of Your Fairy Cooking Wand

 Stirs everything better than ever!
 Scrapes up browned bits with the straight edge
 Tosses a salad – left and right handed wands pair up as a beautiful salad set
 Chops ground meat while browning
 Reaches easily into the corners of straight sided pots
 Removes the calories from your favorite dessert… (really?)
 Serves-up casseroles or mashed potatoes. Flick the wrist and ‘poof’ the potatoes fall right off!
 Flips browning bacon, tofu, breaded eggplant, chicken tenders, etc with the tip
 Moves food around for a spatula effect
 Lifts -perfect for making omelets
 Tasting and sipping spoon for soups/stews
 Scoops up ice cream. It just doesn’t stick – magic! Have a second wand just for sweets!
 Spreads icing, batters, polenta, etc.
 Folds and incorporates batters, egg whites, and whipped cream
 Makes all your dirty dishes disappear (I wish!)

Care Instructions
Note: These spoons are custom handmade and therefore no two are exactly the same.
1) Utensil should not be washed in a dishwasher.
2) Utensil should sit in water only long enough to clean.
3) After washing, let dry, then buff with a Scotch-Brite, or sand with very
fine sandpaper. Rub on mineral oil (or olive or vegetable) regularly.
Buffing or sanding eliminates any roughness and needs to be done only once.

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