Intimate Family June Wedding Dinner

Intimate Family June Wedding Dinner

Prepare and leave / 10 guests

– Specialty Cocktail –

Hawaiian passionfruit mojito


Scandinavian poached salmon w/sour cream-dill sauce with pickled cucumber

Moroccan spicy Mediterranean yogurt dip with veggies and pita

Spanish melon with burrata (soft white cheese) and mint oil drizzle

– Salad –

Asian inspired snap pea salad with coconut gremolata

Main Course

English horseradish and pecan crusted beef tenderloin

Sicilian leek, asparagus and pancetta risotto

Dessert –

North Carolina chocolate chess pie

Local vanilla ice cream

Southern seasonal fruit (peach, strawberry, rhubarb, or blackberry) compote

$1350 ( Approximate as of 2021) Included: Chef services; (plattered dinner with Instructions); groceries (not including alcohol); 18% gratuity on services only; sales tax on services.

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