Peach tarts by the Food fairy

An Intimate Summer Wedding

An Intimate Summer Wedding

Full-service / 3 hour event / 14 Guests

– Appetizers – 

Ricotta-peach crostini with pistachios and honey

Italian marinated vegetable and cheese platter

– Salad –

 Grilled watermelon, tomato and burrata salad

(served family style)

– Main Course –

Leek and mushroom risotto

Broccoli rabe with lemon and shallots

 – Dessert –

Strawberry marsala cake

Wedding cake

Seasonal berries

Whipped honey mascarpone

$2300 (approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services; groceries (not including beverages); Serving; clean up before, during and after meal; 18% gratuity on service only.

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