An Intimate Spring Afternoon Celebration of Life



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An Intimate Spring Afternoon Celebration of Life

Modified full-service buffet / 3 hour event / 35 Guests

– Libations –

watermelon punch

sparkling water

beer and wine

– Specialties of the House –

cheese Straws

Chex mix

cheese biscuits

– Finger Sandwiches –

pimento cheese


tuna salad

– Little Bites –

crab cakes

chicken nuggets

tomato pies

 – Fresh Fruits and Veggies –

Fruit kabobs

Bean salad niçoise

– Sweet things –

Berry medley

Lime-basil pound cake

Vanilla whipped mascarpone

$1550 (Approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services; groceries (not including alcohol or other beverages); Client set-up tables, set-up bar, provided bar supplies, and did after party clean-up; 18% gratuity on chef services only.

Pricing was calculated on the date of the party in 2022

Let the Food Fairy® customize your next meal or event!  We accommodate all dietary needs!  

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