Late Summer Party – Gluten free

Late Summer Party – Gluten free

Full-Service / 6 guests

– Set Hors d’ oeuvres –

Sunflower paté with Dijon mustard  

Charcuterie – Local cheeses, gluten free crisps, honey

– Salads –

Watercress and arugula studded with basil, mint, and chive batons, fresh apricot, orange blossom and pistachio vinaigrette

Watermelon and avocado with serrano chile, dressed in a sesame lime vinaigrette and garnished with cilantro

– Entrees –

Roasted chicken breasts and thighs over Dijon melted leeks 

Grilled ribeye with chimichurri

Lavender & rosemary new potatoes

– Dessert –

Almond-oat-peach crisp with buttermilk gelato

$960 (approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services; groceries; bar set -up; coffee and tea; table service; and clean-up.

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