Celebrate the Graduate Dinner

Celebrate the Graduate Dinner

Prepare and leave/ 11 guests

  Seafood charcuterie

Poached salmon ~ Boozy potted shrimp ~ Smoked trout rillette

  Assorted accouterments

– Salad –

Blueberry-arugula salad

Lemon honey dressing and sweet almonds

Main –

Pecan-crusted beef tenderloin

Parmesan-blue cheese fondue

Roasted baby potatoes

Seared mushrooms

Zesty summer squash

Finishing touches

Julia Bakes Sweets

Chocolate Cake with Fudge Icing

Chocolate Ice Cream

 $1800 included: Chef and Sous services: (planning, shopping, cooking); groceries (not including beverages); clean up during and after prep; Final clean-up left for client: Taxes on services +18% gratuity for services.

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