Tomato pie made by personal chefs in Durham, NC

Celebrating A Life

Celebrating A Life

Full-service buffet / 3 hour event / 85 guests (10 pescatarian; 2 gluten free)

– Starter –

Lemon-ginger shrub (for beverages)

– Hors d’oeuvres –

Mexican crab dip with corn chips and crispy veggies

Paprika shrimp and prosciutto

Tomato cheese tart

Crostini with chevre and apple chutney

Cold poached salmon with cucumbers and sour cream dill sauce

Beef tenderloin on herb buttered baguette

Pulled pork sliders with spiced peach jam

– Desserts –

Peach cobbler with cinnamon-vanilla whipped mascarpone

Pretzel crusted – gluten free – chocolate ganache tart

$4330 (Approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services (planning, shopping, cooking); groceries (not including alcohol or other beverages); buffet service; clean up before, during and after event; 18% gratuity on services only.

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