A Business Winter Holiday Party



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A Business Winter Holiday Party

Modified full-service buffet / 3+ hour event / 15 Guests

Charcuterie board with olives, cheese, grapes for a holiday party
Charcuterie board with olives, cheese, grapes for a holiday party in Durham, NC

 – Charcuterie –

Italian meats and cheeses, honey baked ham and gruyere slices, olives, asparagus, assorted rolls, herb butter, sweet mustard, cranberry relish

 – Hors d’ oeuvres –

Sunflower seed paté on crisps with Dijon mustard  

Fig and walnut tapenade on bruschetta

Shrimp with a smear of cream cheese, avocado and hot red pepper jelly on mini rice cakes

Crispy new potato shells with sour cream and chives

Cardamom chicken with yogurt and almond sauce

Baked tofu bites

 – Salad –

Israeli couscous and lentil salad with pomegranate

– Desserts –

Sweets wreath with dried fruits, chocolate covered nuts and pretzels, and holiday cookies

Dipping chocolate and fresh strawberries

$1400 (approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services (planning, shopping, cooking); groceries (not including alcohol or other beverages); buffet service; clean-up before and during party (client did after party clean-up); 18% gratuity on services only; sales tax on services

Pricing was calculated on the date of the party in 2022

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