Great Works of Literature Themed party

“Hang the Mistletoe”

Full-service Buffet/ 2 hour event/ 100 Guests

 Port Negus Punch


Cheese, Honey, Bread, Olives, Figs

Medea Euripides

Stilton & Walnut Cheese Ball with Raisin Bread

Jane Austen                                                Thoreau

Cheddar Cheese & Sweet Pickles

Bowl of Nuts & Apples

Thomas Wolfe

Black Pepper Honey                                 Blueberry Muffins with

Dragon Roasted Chestnuts                     Whiskey Bacon Jam

Harry Potter                                          Oscar Wilde

Hoppin’ John (vegetarian) with Rice

Tennessee Williams                                  Thoreau

Garlic Mushrooms with Lemon

Medea Euripides

Roasted Root Veggies & Garlic Aioli (vegetarian) (Turnips, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes)

Thoreau                              Virginia Woolf

Mango Quesadillas (vegetarian)             Ron’s Chicken Legs (drumettes)

House on Mango Street                                     Harry Potter

Roast Beef Sandwich with Caramelized Onions

John Keats

Salmon “Sallet” with Boston Lettuce and Endive Leaves


GF Chocolate Fudgy Brownies

Chocolate Frogs & Bertie Botts Beans Harry Potter

Acorn Treats  Frankenstein                 Dates and Quinces Shakespeare

Bowl of Blackberries Yeats

$4950 (approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services; groceries (included punch, no other beverages); rentals; disposable tableware; 18% gratuity on service only.

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