Autumn Birthday Buffet Brunch

Autumn Birthday Buffet Brunch

Full-service buffet/4+ hour event / 25 guests

   – Hors d’ oeuvres –

Beef tenderloin on baguette slices

Deviled eggs

 – Charcuterie –

Assorted cheeses, olives, rosemary roasted nuts, assorted crackers

– Hot dishes –

Butternut squash tart with fried sage

Shrimp ‘n grits

Sherried mushrooms with fried eggs on toast

– Dessert –

Birthday cake (purchased)

$2825 (approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services (planning, shopping, cooking); groceries (included mixers, not including alcohol or other beverages); clean up before, during and after event; 18% gratuity on service only.

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