Summer Garden Birthday Celebration

Summer Garden Birthday Celebration

“Subtly Scandinavian & Vegetarian”

Full-Service / 12 guests


Creamy dill toast skagen with vegan cavi-art

Pickled root veggies with pickled walnuts, chevre and juniper toasts


Tomato bread salad with Umeboshi plums and capers


Candy stripped beet salad with halloumi (cheese), mint and pine nuts

– SOUP –

Cold cream of cucumber soup with zucchini noodles

Zucchini pancakes with pumpkin seeds and dill sour cream


Seed and nut cheddar croquettes

with Swedish cream sauce and lingonberries

Royal potato salad with quail eggs, parmesan, basil and mint

Kale with tomatoes and green olives, fresh basil and oregano


Peach, rosemary and lime galette with lime crème fraiche

$2250 (approximate as of 2021) included: Chef services; groceries; table service; clean up before, during and after meal; 18% gratuity for services only.

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