June 28, 2022

Late Summer Family Gathering

Late Summer Family Gathering Full-Service / 4-hour event / 6 adults & 7 children- Gluten free and minimal dairy – Cocktails and Set Hors d’ oeuvres – Yuzu rum punch spritz            Lillet blanc French 75 Mezcal mojito Muhammara  Green garbanzo hummus Caponata  – Salad – Arugula & radicchio, figs, almonds, caramelized shallot & rosemary vinaigrette […]

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Holiday Party – Mostly Light hors d’oeuvres and Finger Foods

Holiday Party – Mostly Light hors d’oeuvres and Finger Foods Full-service-3 station buffet / 2½ hour event / 50 guests – Charcuterie and pick me ups – Assorted cheese board, crackers Samosa holiday wreath Cheese straws Caprese skewers Smoked salmon and Boursin cucumber cups Prosciutto wrapped shrimp Amaretto glazed roasted chestnut Honey nut squash and

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Halloum & Tomato treat for party on platter served on skewers

No Nuts Halloween Party for Kids and Adults

No Nuts Halloween Party for Kids and Adults Full-service buffet/ 3-hour event / 20 adults and 20 children – Charcuterie and snacks – Assorted deli meats and cheeses, crackers  Veggie ranch platter – GF Chips with salsa and guacamole Pumpkin basil pinwheels -vegan – Salads – Tossed salad with homemade dressings – GF Bean/veggie salad

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Summer Garden Birthday Celebration

Summer Garden Birthday Celebration “Subtly Scandinavian & Vegetarian” Full-Service / 12 guests – APPETIZER – Creamy dill toast skagen with vegan cavi-art Pickled root veggies with pickled walnuts, chevre and juniper toasts – MEZZE – Tomato bread salad with Umeboshi plums and capers – SALAD – Candy stripped beet salad with halloumi (cheese), mint and

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Great Works of Literature Themed Party

Great Works of Literature Themed party “Hang the Mistletoe” Full-service Buffet/ 2 hour event/ 100 Guests  Port Negus Punch Dickins Cheese, Honey, Bread, Olives, Figs Medea Euripides Stilton & Walnut Cheese Ball with Raisin Bread Jane Austen                                                Thoreau Cheddar Cheese & Sweet Pickles Bowl of Nuts & Apples Thomas Wolfe Black Pepper Honey                                 Blueberry

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Summer Dinner Party

Summer Dinner Party Full-service / 6 Guests – Set hors d’oeuvres – Sunflower paté on micro radishes with Dijon mustard     Muhammara stuffed baby bell peppers with walnut pomegranate relish Green hummus and basil on cucumber rounds – Salad – Tomato & watermelon salad with southeast herb vinaigrette and almond milk ricotta – Entrees –

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A June Birthday Dinner

A June Birthday Dinner Prepare and leave / 10 Guests – Seafood charcuterie – Smoked Trout Rillettes, Poached Salmon, Boozy Potted Shrimp Accouterments: Pickles, olives, pickled cucumbers, endive, radishes, gruyere – Salad – Blueberry salad with honey-lemon dressing and sweet almonds – Hot dishes – Pecan-horseradish crusted beef tenderloin bites with parmesan cream fondue Herb

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