Holiday Leftover Egg Bake

It’s the season of family, friends, and amazing food!!! When I think of the holidays, besides the memories and images of my family and friends…I immediately have visions of food. Black olives, deviled eggs, homemade yeast rolls, sausage balls, and mashed potatoes…real mashed potatoes (tiny lumps and all)!! No matter where we are in the […]

Dairy-Free Grits Casserole

My annual family gathering always revolves around plenty of wonderful food. Generally we plan to try new recipes while also including a few family favorites. One dish that always appears on the brunch menu is a cheesy ham and grits casserole originally from Southern Living Magazine. The “crust” is made up of pre-baked cheesy grits […]

To Die For Gluten-Free Pie Crust

There is a perception, among some, that gluten-free items are, by their nature, “healthy,” and generally not very tasty. I’m here to tell you that in some cases, neither of those things are true. There are so many people who either adhere to a gluten-free diet as preference, or are restricted to one because of […]

Zesty Watermelon Salad

This Memorial Day weekend many of us will ring in summer 2016 with cook outs, pool parties, and a four day work week. We expect some of the usual staples to be present: hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream, sun burns, you know the drill. What I’m most excited about when summer comes around is the abundance […]

Mason Jar Salads

Most of us can agree that we are in a state of perpetually “trying to save money,” and “trying to eat more veggies.” Today, I have something for you that will set you in the right direction toward both worthy goals: Mason Jar Salads. If you can put in the time to prepare these in […]